Epayments Access and Training

ePayment is a web-based system used to send funds to suppliers, contractors, and visitors for a select group of expense types (e.g. services) that are not well suited for purchase orders or credit card payments. This may include reimbursing visitors for travel expenses, paying for services, issuing honoraria, prizes, and so on. People who are not University employees cannot use the GEMS system for reimbursements.

Reimbursements for Visitors:

  • Visitors are subject to the same transaction documentation requirements as employees.
  • No tax documents (W9, W8-BEN) are required.
  • Per diem is not available to visitors.
  • Reimbursements for personal vehicles are done per mile according to IRS rates.
    • If using a private car, the traveler can be reimbursed for mileage (not fuel costs) at the prevailing federal rate during the time of travel.
  • Reimbursements for rental cars may include rental fees and fuel expenses. The University will not reimburse rental car insurance for visitors. Rental cars class should not exceed full size four-door without prior approval.  For more information: https://finserv.uchicago.edu/purchasing/travel/reimbursement/rental.shtml
  • Visitors will be paid by check in US dollars. If the visitor’s financial institution will have difficulty processing a US check, a wire transfercan be arranged in another currency. The payment amount may be subject to transfer fees ($0-50) imposed by the banks or other financial intermediaries involved.
  • The US airline requirement for federal grants applies to visitors too. Those inviting visitors from abroad should alert them to this issue. Airline tickets should be economy class, unless otherwise pre-approved by the Dean.
  • The University does not process non-travel related reimbursements to visitors except in very rare circumstances. Contact your Business Manager for more information.

Payments for Services:

  • ePayment can be used to pay an invoice. When that service provider is an individual, it is governed by the University’s independent contractor This involves issuing a contract and paying an invoice issued by the contractor.
  • Required Documentation:
    • IC Consultant Questionnaire Form
    • W9/W8-BEN
    • Invoice

Supporting Documentation Standards:

University transactions must be supported by sufficient documentation. This requirement is primarily driven by federal regulations, but even more basic than that: it is good business practice. If the University is making the payment, it should know precisely what it is paying for. This document describes the various supporting documentation requirements of the University.

  • Receipts are required for all expenses of $75 or more.
    • The exception to this rule is hotel/lodging expenses which must have receipts regardless of dollar amounts.
    • Meals charged to grants are required to have a detailed/itemized receipt.
  • All receipts must sufficiently detail the item(s) that were purchased.
  • All expenses must be adequately documented whether a receipt is required.
    • A description of the good or service purchased/business purpose, date of purchase, and amount of expense must accompany all requests for reimbursement or payment.
  • Proof of Payment is required.
  • Lost receipts requirements:
    • A note acknowledging the receipt(s) was lost.
    • Confirm reimbursement will not occur from another source.
    • Description of the item(s) that were purchased, business purpose, date of occurrence, and amount of expense.

To learn more about gaining access and training in ePayments, please contact SSD Local Business Center at SSD-LBC@uchicago.edu and the LBC Grant Specialist assigned to your accounts will get in touch with you within two business days.

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