Submitting Grant Financial Reporting

The Local Business Center’s (LBC) Grant Specialists provide financial and technical post-award support for all grants, where the Principal Investigator’s (PI) primary appointment resides in the SSD. The Grant Specialist’s primary responsibility is to track spending, report on account balances, provide projections and guidance on allowability issues, manage award modifications, and interface with University Research Administration (URA) on behalf of the PI. The LBC Grant Specialist is responsible for submitting interim and final financial reports throughout the term of the grant. All financial reports to be submitted to the sponsoring agency require endorsement by URA. The LBC Grant Specialists coordinate submission of reports to URA for endorsement. In most cases, the URA Grant Specialist submits the official endorsed reports to the sponsoring agency.

To learn more about grant reporting, or to request the status of a grant report, please contact your assigned Grant Specialist or the SSD Local Business Center at and the LBC Grant Specialist assigned to your accounts will get in touch with you within two business days.

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