Endowment/Gift Funds

An endowment is a gift which the donor has specified must be invested and not spent. When a donor gives a gift to an endowment, the funds are invested in the University’s Total Return Investment Pool (TRIP) and earn an expendable “payout” which is made available to a department or unit based on the donor’s directions.

A gift is defined by the Development Office as “A voluntary transfer of property made without consideration, which may or may not be restricted as to its use.” All gifts (as well as grants) must be processed through the University of Chicago Development Office.

Types of gifts:

A. Unrestricted– A gift for the University’s general unrestricted use or charitable purposes (including Annual Fund gifts).
B. Restricted – Any gift which is not for the University’s general unrestricted use is considered a “restricted gift” and may only be used for purposes outlined in the gift purpose documentation held in the Development Office.

Requesting Endowment Principal Report or Account purpose statement – To learn more about endowment and gift accounts, or to request an endowment principal report, please contact your assigned Business Manager or the SSD LBC at SSD-LBC@uchicago.edu and the Business Manager assigned to your accounts will get in touch with you within two business days.

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