Wire Transfers

Wire transfers can be used to move money from the University’s bank account directly to the account and an individual, business, or institution. Wire transfers can be used in conjunction with ePayment requests. To prepare, complete the appropriate wire transfer form (see below) and request the required information from the recipient. Then attach the completed wire transfer form to an ePayment request with the usual supporting documentation. Note: Wire transfers take 2-3 days longer to process than check payments.

Domestic wire transfers are conducted through the ACH network and do not incur transfer fees, however international wire transfers do. Any transfer fees charged by either the University’s bank, the recipient’s bank, or other intermediaries will be deducted from the payment amount that the recipient ultimately receives. The University does not control these fees and therefore it is difficult to predict how much they will be in any given case. The initiator must indicate how the fees are to be handled in the special handling section of the ePayment request. If the department will pay the bank fee, then the initiator should add “Do Not Deduct Fees” and enter the account number to be charged in the “special instructions” box on the wire transfer form. The department can only pay the fee charged by the University’s bank which is $25. Any charges from the recipient’s bank and other intermediaries will still be deducted. Ensure that the recipient is aware of these details before attempting a wire transfer.

Note: Wire transfer forms are for internal use only and should not be given to the recipient to fill out and return.  The payee should send their banking information through email or other provided documentation. This will also need to be attached to the payment request.

The University can wire funds in the following currencies:

United States – USD

Australia – AUD

Canada – CAD

Czech Republic – CZK

Denmark – DKK

England – GBP

Europe – EUR

Hong Kong – HKD

Israel – ILS

Japan – JPY

Mexico – MXN

New Zealand – NZD

Norway – NOK

Poland – PLN

Singapore – SGD

South Africa – ZAR

Sweden – SEK

Switzerland – CHF

The forms below are editable PDFs:

Payee should complete this ACH Election form and return to the department. Once the department has the completed form, the department should submit a service now ticket here Ask a Supplier/Payee Related Question and attach the completed ACH Election form. Then once the vendor is in our Accounts payable system the department can do the epayment.