Expenses and Reimbursements

In addition to payroll expenditures, the four main categories of spending are payments for services, procurement, student reimbursements, and employee reimbursements. The University uses four separate web-based systems to process these payments, and the LBC provides training and support for the use of these systems:

  • GEMS – the University’s corporate credit card that works in conjunction with the web-based expense management system. The card provides faculty and staff with a convenient method of procuring and paying for travel expenditures and small dollar purchases. This system is also used for employee reimbursements.  This system is not to be used to pay service providers or reportable taxable expenses.
  • Shared Services Portal – a web-based system used to issue reimbursements to students for field research and travel expenses.
  • ePayment – a web-based system used to issue non-purchase order payments to suppliers and contractors for a select group of expense types that are not well suited for purchase orders or credit card payments. ePayment may also be used to reimburse visitors.
  • BuySite – a web-based purchasing application that allows faculty and departments to make purchases from University’s authorized suppliers.

For questions regarding account financial policy and financial systems, please contact your assigned Business Manager or the SSD LBC at SSD-LBC@uchicago.edu, and the Business Manager assigned to your accounts will get in touch with you within two business days.

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